Our Culture

Whether you are going to work with us on projects, or use our services as a client, we pledge to respect and foster this manifesto entailing our attitude and belief.

We leave the place in a better state than we found it

The experience is as important as the underlying data

We aim at excellency also in the simplest things

Our solution is not the easiest nor the hardest

We foster creative science: inventiveness to reach knowledge

We provide innovative solutions

Attention to detail is paramount and can never be overlooked

Perfection is impossible to reach, we get asymptotically close to it with arbitrary precision

We get things done in a timely manner to the best of our possibilities

Our choices are courageous and effective, working towards the most appropriate solution

We use our best efforts to deliver what agreed between our client and the team

We know how to balance strategy and tactic

“Work-life balance” is not a contraposition of two different things: work is an essential part of life

We care for our health: mens sana in corpore sano

We value personal growth; it contributes to the strength of the whole team

Failure can happen and is OK as long as we can learn from it

We are loyal to each other during all time our paths are crossed

We have tasks and responsibilities, not offices and timesheets

We promote diversity and gender equality

We have utter respect for each other and treat each other as peers

We nurture transparency in responsibilities, communication and remuneration

Candour is the basis of all our communication, even when uncomfortable

We are part of a team and always aware of that, regardless of duties and status

We help our colleagues to the best of our possibilities and are not ashamed to get help from them